Diploma inTextile Engineering Technology

Diploma-in-Textile Engineering Technology is included in total 161 Credits. Textile Engineering Technology is consists of 8 (eight) semesters with 4 (four) years duration. In the present world there is no alternative of technical education. Making Bangladesh keep place with the developed countries of the world Textile Engineering sector is playing a vital role. Nobody remains unemployed after learning this technology. Our mostly renowed institution Global Touch Institute directed by the Technical Education Board under the Ministry of Education of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is teaching the students in a very practical and effective way. After completing the Diploma in Textile Engineering there are golden opportunities to be admitted in Bsc in Textile Engineering at DUET, Bangladesh Textile University and other Universities in home and abroad for being a worthy Engineer. In this scholarship based educational system there have free books for all the students and free learning for the meritorious students.

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