Basic Computer Training

The learned, aristocratic and conscious strata thinks that Computer learning is not only helpful for getting a good job, but also necessary for a person to have establishment as a modern fellow in this modern civilization. And for increasing the skill a man might get Computer Education so that he/she can manipulate ourself to the height peak of success for them his/her expectation.


Courses Of Computer Training
Certificate in Computer Application 3/6 Months
Certificate in Graphics Design 6 Months/ 1 Year
Certificate in Hardware and Software 6 Months/ 1 Year
Certificate in Database Programing 6 Months/ 1 Year
Auto-Cad 6 Months/ 1 Year
Web Design and Developing 6 Months/ 1 Year
Out Sourcing 6 Months/ 1 Year
Diploma in Information Technology 6 Months/ 1 Year


Not only that,

We arrange any kind of Technical Training.

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